Top 5 Most Useful Department of Agriculture Books for Competitive Exams in India

India is an agricultural country and in this context, since ancient times agricultural and horticultural activities have been of great importance. The emergence of cultivation came from the North East in 10000 BC. In the context of the development of ancient agricultural practices, Vedic and Parvatri texts contains a lot of information about panthers, proverbs and rich cultural heritage.

The effect of weather on cultivation has been from its inception. Most of India's agricultural rainfall is virtually a gamble with the monsoon. Our sages have done a lot of research on rain-fed sustainable farming, which results in cultivation in the world.

Top 5 Most Useful Department of Agriculture Books for Competitive Exams in India

From this article, we are providing some useful books for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. These books are useful for Civil Services, PCS, ASRB, ICAR-NET, and other Competitive Exams with previous year solved papers. We provide this information on the basis of customers review. If you want to know more about any of the Agriculture Books please click on the buy now option.

Top 5 Most Useful Department of Agriculture Books for Competitive Exams

1.  Agriculture at a Glance 21st Revised Edition: An Enhanced Competition Explorer (2020)

Author:  V K Pandey, B B Singh, R K Sharma, S K Bhoi, N Pandey, S Shinde
Publisher: Daya Publishing House (2019)
Language: English

2. Indian Forestry A Breakthrough Approach to Forest Services

Author: S. Prabhu, K. Manikandan
Publisher: Jain Brothers-New Delhi; Seventh edition (1 July 2018)
Language: English

3. Fundamentals of Agriculture Vol.-1&2

Author: Arun Katyayan
Publisher: Kushal Publications and Distributors; 7th Edition,2017 edition (2017)
Language: English

4. A Competition Book For Food Safety Officer - Main Subject: An Objective Approach

Author: S.K. Goyal Suresh Chandra, Durvesh Kumari
Publisher: science technology - Jain Brothers; 5th Edition,2019 edition (9 January 2019)
Language: English

5. Objective Agriculture

Author: Dr. S.R.Kantwa
Publisher: New Vishal Publication; Twentieth edition (8 August 2019)
Language: English

It is my belief that these books will help students and farmers coordinate modern and ancient knowledge of cultivation and climate.

I have provided some useful agriculture books for all Students from this article. Any student can buy Books at Amazon through this website. Share this article with other students who are searching for agriculture books and help them to buy the most useful books.

In this post, I have tried to cover all the important agricultural books for every student.

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