7 Years Solved NEET Question Paper || Free PDF Download from 2013 to 2019

NEET 2020 question pattern is likely to be the same as in previous years. There are lakhs of students who only prepare for NEET, adding extra sections to NEET will further complicate it more as there are very few months remaining for the exam. Any change in NEET question pattern like addition of AR questions or Aptitude section, if made, will be announced by NTA or Health Ministry (NMC) in the coming months.

7 Years NEET Question Paper || Free PDF Download from 2013 to 2019

NEET Question Paper Free Download

We have collected some previous year question papers. To download these papers click on the below-given links.

Physics - 2013,   2014,   2015,   2016,   2017,   2018,   2019

Chemistry - 2013,   2014,   2015,   2016,   2017,   2018,   2019

Biology - 2013,   2014,   2015,   2016,   2017,   2018,   2019

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How to Prepare for NEET 2020?

1. Manage your time. good time management for a student is not about creating a complex schedule that gives you account for every second of your day. It is about one simple choice: either you will control your homework, or it will control you. Good time management puts you in control. On the other hand, poor time management can put you behind your schedule and hence gives a feeling of unhappiness.

2. Take mock tests regularly to access your preparation and to improve your strike rate. Strike rate can be improved with the help of intelligent guessing. Intelligent guessing means guessing a question you are not completely sure but have some idea about. Your objective is not to solve the question but choosing the correct option out of the 4 given choices. So always try to eliminate the choices.

3. Solve previous year question papers to get an idea about the type and pattern of the question being asked in the exam.

4. Be clear about the basics like syllabus, exam pattern, marking criteria, etc.

5. You can also go for chapter wise and topic wise tests to identify your weak areas where you have to work more.

6. Revision is very important it should be kept for end this practice should be followed on weekly (chapterwise) and monthly (unitwise) basis.

7. Keep in mind time management and negative marking while attempting the question paper. Don't spend more than 3-4 min on any question.

8. If in case any question is not getting solved within 3-4 min first complete your paper completely and then return on that question.

9. While preparing don't get overstressed and loaded with work. Avoid sleep deprivation as these activities can affect your mental and physical capabilities thereby affecting your performance in the exam.

10. Avoid any activity which may cause anxiety. Focus on whatever you have studied.

It is my belief that these question papers and preparation guide will help students to improve their knowledge and help them to prepare for competitive exams in 2020.

I have provided some previous year question papers (from 2013 to 2019) to prepare for NEET exam in this article. Any student can buy exam preparation Books at Amazon through this website. Share this article with other students who are preparing for this examination of 2020 and help them to secure good marks in the exams.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Don't forget to give feedback. Your suggestions are most welcome.

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